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We understand some people may need to try before they buy, because of this we offer this free sample, all you need is just to pay the postage for it of £1.50.


Please mention in the notes what colour would you like otherwise we will be picking a colour randomly.


Protect your libre with the strongest most affordable patch out there!
Our Diabadass patches are designed to stick to the skin, not the sensor, therefore if you ever want to change the patch you can do so without risking the removal of your libre.

It holds your device firmly to your skin and extends its life without causing it to fall off or hang loose.


Being only 70mm in diammeter, the risk of peeling is a lot less than other larger patches.


Diabadass Patches are:

  • Only 70mm in diammeter.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
  • Breathable material that moves with your skin, ideal for active lifestyles
  • Water Resistant against showering, bathing and even swimming
  • Ultra strong, medical grade adhesive for upto 14 days use per patch
  • Designed to withstand external & physical force,



Just peel away the side sections and carefully press the patch down around your sensor.
If you will feel more confident if the patch sticks to the sensor as well, we allowed that option by just peeling the mid-section of the patch.

MAKE SURE that you are stretching the patch to avoid any wrinkles, if any area is not flat consider reapplying it as this will make it more susceptible of falling.


Free delivery for UK orders over £35.

Currently available in blue and pink, more colours to come soon. Sold as a sample, packages of 10 and packages of 20.

Free Samples - Just Pay Shipping

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